Cosmos View 6/5/17

Submitted by KC on Tue, 05/08/2018 - 20:56

I see a large V shape in the cosmos, and the haze clears you can see it's a bird. It looks like the Holy Spirit but fast like an eagle, coming at Earth. The Holy spirit at first looks golden yellow, then golden green. It sounds like someone strumming strings as it comes closer. The hum becomes a melody.

I see the sounds are opening an eye, the pupil of the eye is large and staring right at me. It's cool and weightless, and you tell there is glistening stars all around. Just like midnight blue sunstone or goldstone. Which the stone has copper suspended inside. I feel like we have bits of ourselves suspended  as well. Midnight blue sunstone is man made, this too is key to the message. We have all that we need within. 

There is a large Z pattern, Z7. I'm not sure if this is chemical in any way, but table 7 of the periodic table is radioactive and I believe mostly man made. This however may be more about Z as a lightening form of severing ties. Breaking free of destructive forces. The Z does seem to get blown away as if a bomb goes off and then the Z becomes the reverse of it'self. It's funny it reminds me of looking into an alternate reality in the mirror at the negative aspects and when the two side see each other it cancels each other out.

There is a musical web (like a spider web design) there appear to be little turquoise balls on the web. I'm hearing micro planets, on the cosmic web. They are piercing their way through. To make way for inhabiting the space. I see what appears as a whale, caught up in the web. It's almost as though this whale were a message to humanity and got caught up on the way to Earth. We need to make way the path, loosen up our ties that bind. The message seems to be "we're in the ride together, we may as well get along". Much like if we were all stuck on the arc, no way out alive.

I'm seeing what appears to be the pineal gland for all living on Earth. It's glowing purple/orchid. It has something in common with the volcanic activity and it will break through it's crust. I feel it's those that feel their intuition is entombed, will break free.

I see a burning bush, white fire, that is then a release of spirit, then an infant born of fire. Fire= Holy Spirit.

I seem to be moving over and around the sun very quickly. Noticing the solar flares, but also what appears to be threads of the sun missing or burn out. The aura of the sun seems to be millions and billions of souls whipping around as those that have left their physical form can recharge their spirits whipping around the sun. As though they were striking a match in this process. Igniting their inner flame. I do feel we can tap into the solar energy sometimes when we need to quick energy.

I see Jesus, Mary, Joseph, Archangel Raziel, Tzaphkiel, Gabriel, Chamuel, Goddess Sophia, Shekinah, and what looks like the Northern Lights. It's as though night has fallen and they are the light we see in the stars while we slumber as they sing us to sleep. What looks like a meteor shower of various shades of intense deep pinks from Goddess Sophia and Archangel Chamuel. Love embracing the depths of our heart and our sorrow to soothe and heal and change. Creating an oasis of the hearts garden.  So all life may feel compassion to one another.

Blessings, KCM