Cosmos View 6/28/2017

Submitted by KC on Tue, 05/08/2018 - 21:02

This morning, Archangel Uriel, Jophiel and Ra are present. What appears like a red and yellow ribbon in a backwards 7 shape in the cosmos.  These are book marks, making note, in the Akashic records.

The Akashic records appears like a flying book, that morphs into the Holy Spirit dove flying towards Earth. Where the records were, there is a dark echo or void, to make notice of the change in position. The whole thing becomes a music note. As it comes closer you can hear it. To the right is the goddess Shanti, representing here, peace bound. It appears everyone wants peace, but they do not release it. Too many stipulations, contortions. To have peace, you must free it. Peace without black mail.

I'm hearing, "lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, have mercy on us". The book of life now appears to be open in an L shape, the pages presented are in shadow. A golden whip comes from above and ignites the dark pages/ages. Now it reads in light and in Hebrew. It refers to everyone referring to situations, as outside themselves. They, them, those people, that country, when we need to see we are involved, we are one people. We need to be held accountable and to be willing to make not just a stand but an active change.

Seeing this world from the Divine's eye. A sick child,  This world needs nurturing, cleaning of wounds, a new method of nurturing that sustains and retrains the whole. I'm seeing if it were a child living greens be fed. For Gaia, it's rebuilding the plants, free of poison. Rebuilding the infrastructure of the actual planet. Where soil is rich in nutrients, the waters can sustain life, it seems to all start with green planting, that's not polluted. As we grow more, unadulterated life, we'll have less cancers and mental distortions. I see white and black filtering across the land, the black is activated charcoal, the white  looks like gypsum but I'm not sure.  Chalky powder. Possibly salt, magnesium, sodium bicarbonate? The blood shed on the planet, needs to be cauterized and wrapped.

Archangel Uriel seems to be representing the blood of Gaia and Archangel Jophiel the healing serum of Gaia. The music note is the application of these. The music note is now headed at the 11th hours. This is to be restarted and changed to a note without a tail. (or here a bent head) The voice shall be made pure and open to the Divine sound. We must see in the moment, because our head focused on the past does not see the current situation, the current actions that are necessary. If you focused on how the cut happened, you won't see it's still bleeding out. Treat the immediate circumstance and then reflect and analyze for prevention. I'm seeing this is an emergency situation. We haven't the time to try and contemplate, we need immediate action we know is effective. 

I see the Nike swish for "just do it". Action is required.

Stop, focus, align, rebuild.

Align with the Divine, You are infinitely Loved, KCM