Cosmic View 6/28/2017 - Gaia

Submitted by KC on Tue, 05/08/2018 - 21:02

Honing in on the planet. There is a triple 7 shape over the United States and Canada. Beneath this is pressure and shadow, it feels like an earth quake building, oil having much to do with it. (fracking) but triggering a massive quake that effects most of the country. One that triggers a volcano. I feel this is Yellowstone, and I pray this is wrong. This energy get's hot and then peaks around October. So there is warning, and a chance to divert energy that is provoking this and add some release vents to this situation. I see here sound waves may actually be a remedy. HAARP may actually help if done correctly.

There is an L shape over England and that whole area. As though there was a foot print and a target, "step here". There is a slanted off balance cross shape over the area, that resembles a "for sale" sign frame. This extends into the sea.

I see what appears to be paratroopers  using sting rays for parachutes, dropping onto the middle east. This looks like a boomerang, and it's one force pretending to be another. The actual force appears to be black ops, they pretend to be suited in brown and red? 

Russia, Germany and this region has a fountain pen on it. I see a talon or predator is pointing it's finger here and forcing a writ. ? (black mail) This may be 7 weeks away.

There is a 3 or B without a back bone over the southern Atlantic. It may be for 3 hurricanes over Bermuda.  Actually it's more like 2 at one time, one father up the Atlantic coast, hitting the Carolinas, one parallel with Bermuda, and then about a week later one coming in  the middle of where the other two hurricanes landed first. I feel the 3 may also mean category 3 storms. It does look like one becomes a 5 after landfall and goes back out to sea, but does not come back to land. This looks like apx 4 weeks away give or take 3 days on either side.

North of Hawaii I see 4 horizontal lines. The top line being the smallest and each line being wider as you move down. This also feels like quake/volcanic triggers. I feel the quake movement is more damaging than the volcanic activity. These lines may be tsunami warming also.  This looks about 10 day to 2 weeks away.

It's hard for me to judge the time of events as I seem to be spinning around in orbit. Most of these events seems manageable, with the exception of Yellowstone. Which being it's man made trigger at this time, that can be stopped, or controlled in a ways to ventilate the situation. 

A reminder that our mind, body, soul connection and micro and macrocosm connection. As we take care of our bodies it will effect the energies of the Earth also. Finding healthy outlets for anger and taking care of infections and pollution will effect the Yellowstone energy. I know that sounds unbelievable but there is a connection.

Behold the light and know you are the light.