Cosmos View 7/17/17

Submitted by KC on Tue, 05/08/2018 - 21:05

Today, I see through the Divine eye, which is showing up like a eye that is shaped like a heart. This heart is somewhat fanned out, like a paper oriental fan. Quan Yin and Isis and Mother Mary are with me/us. I'm overwhelmed with tears. It's the feeling a mother has for her children when they are very hurt. Humanities and all life on Earth cries, the mother wants to embrace all of us and infuse us with the wisdom to relieve our sorrow.  

There is a rising of the Venus or Aphrodite energy. I see an unfolding of a shell. This shell is a scroll. (I hear the Live Sea/see scroll)  This scroll becomes a path  to unroll along the unstable ground we are currently walking upon. (like a board walk on the sand) I get the sense that what we are experiencing now is like the first bath of the new born. As we are new born into this more expanded consciousness. We need to wash off the old paradigm.

As we are swaddled in our new warm and dry coverings and placed at the breast of the mother. We now are taking in the new sustenance and ability to ward of the old illusions and discord. On an Earthy physical view, it does appear as some of the Earth crumbles and rolls into the sea.  This is almost like a hologram or dreamscape because we will see it but we are also leaving, as if looking out an airplane window. When we land, we will land on new ground. This isn't perfectly clear to my understanding, yet somehow relieving to know.

Mother Mary is bathing us in this blue, green and yellow warmth. Quan Yin and Isis seem to swirl around a pink glow that also protects and levitates us.

There is this L shaped squeegee action going on around the outer atmosphere of the Earth.  I see now as the Earth spins this L become an extended bracket or suspension looking bridge. It's just the frame work. Then from the sun, comes a light bridge of gold, white and some peach.  It's sort of like a solar flare but extended or continuous. This I really feel is representing the Divine verses the actual sun. Things to me are on 3 levels, spiritual, physical and symbol, or emotional. I see from the other side a complementary bridge of crystal light and cooler and more tangible from more of a lunar energy but much larger than our moon.

This reminds me of Metatron and Sandalphon and the ark of the covenant. I hear, "exactly". I hear Mercy is upon those who reaffirm their willingness to live sacred. Choose love/nurture over destroying. It's the wave, the crest actually of the wave. What do you choose? Harm or healing. To judge or let live. Live of the heart or the loins ( I want to say ego, but I hear loins)  This isn't about religion but about why religion was contrived. The age old questions, why are we here, who created us, is there life after death, is there some kind of order to things. Why do bad things happen to good people, etc. I hear, "open they eyes to your heart" all the answers are there.

We've tipped the scales, the soul is expanding or erecting. I see it as knelt down in prayer and then standing up. As we take a stand our minds meet, the heart open and sees.

Stand, be willing to be all that you can be.