Cosmic View 11/20/2017

Submitted by KC on Tue, 05/08/2018 - 21:08

Today, comes Archangel Cassiel, in a white glow around the Earth. Lady Akasha and the Christed Light. They all appear like a wave of illumination surrounding the Earth. Lady Akasha is making what looks like a corner stone and shelf. Next a crystalline light emerald glow comes in and starts to make a solidified form.  Then a golden staff comes in to pierce and or mark the emerald tablet. There is a churning back, as if a filter were clogged and you had to reverse the action.

This churning seems to do with humanity, stomachs are turning at the events unfolding and being revealed. On another level our collective repulse is actually turning things around. Purging the unacceptable, the tainted injustices to life. Our physical bodies, muscles and such do correspond to certain emotions and action of Gaia and to the collective consciousness. So energy work can be done through certain understood muscle movements and breath work. It is also working naturally as a collective reflex.

Archangel Cassiel brings forth the conformation through the eyes of love, miracles can transpire. But there is a trigger that needs to happen. We have to recognize our divine worth. Otherwise we use our unworthiness as an excuse not to act, or to not be of noble intent. There are no excuses. I hear this over and over. WE are Worthy, Love and Able to bring forth the Change. To perpetuate Love, Compassion, Divine Grace and Nurturing Growth  for our children, their children and our inner child. No more excuses. Now we know our parents or whomever did the best they could or failed some how, or even society failed somehow. It's time to remember our true essence, our Divine family has not failed us. WE are of that, our soul is to go on bringing for Love and Light and Healing, New Growth and Expansion. Raising Awareness and authenticity.

Time to move away from the slumber and shade and awaken in the full glory of the sun's warmth and illumination. Begin anew.  Be that which you love.

Infinite Love, KCM