Cosmic View 12/12/2017

Submitted by KC on Tue, 05/08/2018 - 21:14

I was thinking about the Akashic records. I frequently will see the individuals portion as a scroll. The scroll is bumpy like braille music. Our scroll is our soul core make up.(a spiral) our soul contract. Our spine plus some. (as if it's encased in a fiber optic) It connects to our vibe/ resonance, our strand on the tapestry of life. Our atonement. (also tuning) At one ment. Our harmony. We can change our vibration, our tune. Our song remains. It can grow as a symphony as we connect to others and the divine and as we expand our consciousness. We are music, light, harmony, vibration, expansion, contraction. The breath, breathing of the heart and soul of all.