Dawning of a New Year, Happy 2018

Submitted by KC on Tue, 05/08/2018 - 21:18

I'm seeing what looks like a wedding almost. The carpet is rolled out, white and gold glitter all around, much like glistening snow. The white and gold is Divine essence. The carpet runner is actually our soul core and path the enlightenment. The alter being the zero point or divine connection, epiphany. That moment when we remember.

When we are born we can not clearly recall who we are, we spend our lives trying to remember our purpose. We get glimpses of remembrance.  January 6th is the day the Christians refer to as Epiphany, Three Kings Day, Theophany. It represents when the 3 kings came to Jesus and he manifested his divine being.  January 6th is the epiphany of the Christ consciousness in humanity. Like a wedding, we hopefully walk that path of the divine willingly embracing our love and dedication to a conscious divine union.

This path that resembles the carpet runner, also resembles the Christmas tree and the Kabbalah tree of life, which is part of our Divine blue print, our map home. We are being Recalled. (not as a flaw, but as a memory is recalled) To remember the full design and not just fragments.

At this times it is like pulses of light rise from the bottom of the Earth and rise upward. These pulses mirrored in each life as well. These look like luminous light rings. (wedding bands) As more of us are willing to enter in the divine union with our Christed Consciousness, these rings of light pulse up. With the Earth and the souls, it looks like the flower of life. Conception and when the cells divine and combine to manifest a being, the miracle of life. This we are doing collectively on a united level. We have created, birthing and manifesting a new divine consciousness, an expanded and different octave or vibration. A multitude of angels sing in celebration and as a light/sound vehicle to raise and carry us in support.

We have now reached the "star" on the Christmas tree of  Christed consciousness. The top of the Tree of Life. This forming the base of a newly created continuance of a higher base/ thresh hold/ higher pathway/ more divine standards. Reverence, discernment and a new self respect and recognition/ recall of the miracle that we bestow in life and life bringers.

Light, Love, Life and Expanded Freedom

Go forth in Joy and Exaltation