Cosmic View 2/26/2018

Submitted by KC on Tue, 05/08/2018 - 21:22

Today, I'm seeing the 3 fold flame heart. The number four (sideways) and the planet Saturn. The angels of the tabernacle and a purple star that brings the wisdom of the ages.

All of these images are rotating like gears in a clock. That planet Saturn appears to be like a fallen souffle. It kind of goes inside out and makes a cup shape. I don't really expect any changes with the actual planet. More like Saturn is the task master and we need to address things from the inside out.

Live from the Divine heart, the higher heart of compassion and unconditional love. Just because you love, doesn't mean you have to invite trouble in your life. It's more like honoring the lesson that person or situation brings to invoke change.

The four is not really a four, it's all twisted. I feel this is how we tend to miss the meaning. We focus on the elephants in the room and not the insects. Notice the seemingly insignificant factors. It's all related.

Spirit was showing me a pill bottle, we all seem to be trapped in. Like fireflies. They've removed the lid. We just need to rise. Look up and Rise. Raise your standard, take the high road.

When we rise, we bust through the emerald heart. This is on a breast plate. A physical representation of pure love, but not the real spiritual spectrum of divine love. There is so much more to explore. Now we see we are free. Like the firefly, illuminating where ever it flies. Finding all kinds of love in everything. Even in the pain and self doubt.

Now it's practically fireworks going off, sacred geometry in motion and a reactive explosion. Like if our brain cells just got triggered. The top of the pill bottle, now looks like a space ship, which also slightly resembles a jelly fish.

We are free. We don't seem to move, because we don't notice. We just keep going about our lives. This pill bottle reality is falling apart.

Listen, to the music everywhere. The leaves, the birds,( in my case), the pounding headache. You'll start to hear something from beyond. And that something is beautiful. It's the Divine Heart.

Blessings KCM