Cosmic View 5/3/2018

Submitted by KC on Tue, 05/08/2018 - 21:25

Today, I see a dark blackish purple bird, that is also representing the Akashic records. The body of this bird appears to swell like a bubble and emerge free from the book. Much like a spirit breaking free of the physical. It sends quivers through the Earth's core, like a depressurization and quaking.

A scroll is then unraveled. It reminds me of the pictures of Santa reading the list of wishes. But this is God reading the word and granting. Again I'm am being shown that these things are within our power. For there is no time, the wishes or prayers have been addressed and it's up to us to make it happen. Or have faith, so we see how it comes about. There will be much more instant karma you may call it. But instant manifestation, for good or ill. So watch those thoughts, focus on the desired goal, not the perceived obstacles. Savour the moments, tomorrow isn't guaranteed.

This bird or Akashic records is showing up like a two way mirror but it's not quite at the invisible angle. It's more wedged or if you look in the periphery you will see both sides. Look with all of your senses, see beyond the veils.
People talk about pushing the envelope, spirit says "open, the envelope".
Our perception is like the bursting bubble, no boundaries, and also what remains at the core is infinite truth, love, grace, compassion, peace.
Blessings, KCM