Cosmic Updates

Cosmic View 8/19/2018

Archangel Cassiel: Life lessons are coming in now like music. Striking a chord, then a rolling melody, then another ending chord. The universal language has a tempo. This particular phase resembles a woman in transition part of labor.

The result will be like a birth too. Pushing is hard and nauseating but you know a miracle is on the way.

I'm seeing the star gate, resembling an hourglass. The sand is gone and the sides of the of the hour glass are reflecting on each other. The space in between where the sands of time, were was the veil of illusion.

Cassiel stands behind me with his/her hand on my heart. Infusing my heart with peace, so I don't get the bends. (decompression sickness)

We as humanity have been submerged for so long, coming out and rising through this birth is rough on many of us.

This is why the tempo of change is stop, flow and stop.

Do your best to take deep cleansing breaths each day.

Blessings~ KCM

Cosmos View 5/18/2017

Submitted by KC on Mon, 05/07/2018 - 08:47

Today,  like a dancing swarm (murmuration) of come many angels, and what appears to be many fae, both in the forms of dancing light. They speak to me of the heavy heart of late. The central heart of humanity. Symbolically shown as a bicycle with the spokes emphasized. The spokes (as he spoke, they speak) These are the connections to the central heart core. On a physical level it's the neurons and nerves of the heart and spine. They are being activated in those that have become numb to life.

Cosmos View 3/24/2017

Submitted by KC on Mon, 05/07/2018 - 07:50


Today with me is Archangel Gabriel, Raziel, Uriel and Michael. They are in an X pattern in the cosmos.  I see now that is more like scissors. Cutting ties and entanglement, old contracts and loose ends. After these ties are cut the transforms into a shape that reminds me of travel stadium seat cushions. They are suggesting to be comfortable for the game is about to begin. Humanity is now rising to the top of the bleachers to get a better view of what's really going on, on planet Earth.