Cosmos View 4/10/2017

Submitted by KC on Mon, 04/10/2017 - 11:32

What appears like many X patterns, then hour glasses. The closer view is a path way and it's refection inverted, as above so below. Somewhat laid out like a foot ball game plan playbook.

Archangel Sandalphon is present, as a golden light shining on the path way. As though the light were shining through a stained glass window of golden yellows and whites. Archangel Raziel is at the zero point position of separating the view of reflection, as above so below. This is a deep purple echo. Then there is another present who appears to cast a burgundy shade, this seems to represent blood. (royal and divine in timing symbolism, but all blood). I feel it's about the war of faith: holy war: such a contradiction. However, I do feel this is mirroring holy week and I do feel President Trump feels he's going in the victor the hero as Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem. We all know how that went down.

There is something that resembles a medal bar tool, it also cast an illusion from a certain angle to look like a cross. But if you see it from another angle or behind you can see it's a tool. It's something from a weight machine, a counter weight.

I see this whole design being strung up to 6 lines or 4 sections and then into a cat's cradle design. I feel this is war politics.

A huge multi colored angel comes down. What this really is, is a fleet of representation and feeling. A symphony of divine presence to reflect the opposite on Earth. Almost like a film negative. This is why the zero point is in this view representing the balance. What we are doing appear to be 4 major powers on Earth (eventually more) butting heads. This is causing a display of color balance in the Heavens. Such as a color film and it's negative. Then say a psychedelic looking film and it's negative would be different hues. Then perhaps the black light effect. I'm hearing lyrics regarding all of this. (Minnie Riperton: Loving you) 

"No one else can make me feel
The colours that you bring
Stay with me while we grow old
And we will live each day in springtime
'Cause lovin' you has made my life so beautiful
And every day of my life is filled with lovin' you"

Read more: Minnie Riperton - Loving You Lyrics | MetroLyrics 

This referring to us aligning with the Divine, the spectrum of love and colors of the divine. This spring, now, while war is being waged, we must be the balance of the spectrum. We do this in whatever capacity, starting with love.

We must raise and expand our color spectrum, our vibration, our depth of compassion and attitude.

I'm seeing a coil, much like the underside of a huge clothes pin. Basically, there is no power from this stand point. Where most of the people in America are currently collecting. The mechanism is from outside of the clothes pin: must apply pressure at/to the top. (politics/government)

I see three cartels from Mexico and South America region moving forward to remove our president. (this may be a trojan horse) This looks like a path of train tracks. That could be symbolic for training. They actually have unlikely supporters. Then I can see a black wind shield wiper action across the USA, looks like ISIL training camps. They appear to have infiltrated Canada as well. It appears the sympathizers and unlikely allies are Trump haters, more so than actually supporting ISIL. The alliance is uncontrollable and implosive. It is clear that the terrorists have been here all along, just recently activated into duty. Many went to college in the USA just waiting for their orders. They aren't all of the same allegiance originally.

Many are addressing that Lightworkers are being called to action at this time. It is no wonder as such darkness has been called into action as well. This is not to go wild and charge into battle as a holy war! Waging battle is a double negative. Be Alert, Aware, and help those you can, in what capacity you can. Energetically, yes it is a war. I just don't want to see people going out and killing everyone they think is opposition. Protect, defend, those that need it. Most of all open your eyes to what is going on around  you. Don't walk on the hot tar so to speak. On a higher spiritual awareness, yes, this is battle. It's war on Earth also, I just want to make it clear that all citizens do not wage in murder and carnage.

Spirit is showing me that needn't be the case. Breaking it down to individuals and how you would discipline or school a child joining a gang. Diffusing much of this, by way of the family and community. Addressing situation in terms of what would really be effective in dismantling destruction, and solving the issues. Loving our children and showing them a better way, not killing them off. I'm thinking of the angry youth going off to join Isis, or any other type of organization. Not so much addressing the head hackers, there is a whole different beast there. We all need to be able to discern the beast from the disparaged, despondent.

Remember we are each a fractal of the whole, a microcosm. We can make change within and effect outside as a whole. Prayer does help. Walk your talk and live your truth. 

Life is a gift, make the most of the present. Enjoy and Love. Whether we have today, or 1000 tomorrows, make each day count in happiness.

We need to teach and practice a new mind set. One of peace and thriving, love and respect, compassion and grace.

Rise and Shine,