Cosmos View 5/18/2017

Submitted by KC on Thu, 05/18/2017 - 06:18

Today,  like a dancing swarm (murmuration) of come many angels, and what appears to be many fae, both in the forms of dancing light. They speak to me of the heavy heart of late. The central heart of humanity. Symbolically shown as a bicycle with the spokes emphasized. The spokes (as he spoke, they speak) These are the connections to the central heart core. On a physical level it's the neurons and nerves of the heart and spine. They are being activated in those that have become numb to life. These swarms are much like how insects and birds learn to fly in unison or harmony with the collective. All working to they best capability and making sure to include all of their brethren and the children. This is also the time of finding and recognizing your chord, your vibration match, soul family, mate. So if you fall behind or other's fall behind, their match is elsewhere. Do not resist the mis-match, this is a natural process of growth.

I see two large angels and one small.  Somewhat like a tricycle or training wheels on a bike, but the training is large in proportion to the vehicle. Being reminded of the saying, we have two ears and one mouth. We are to listen twice as much as we speak. Listening is the essential key. This also came with a triangular shape message: something about medium and texture of movement. The flexibility of the heart. Also about our (humanity) training to find our direction and path. The tricycle is our body, soul and the Divine. I hear Holy Spirit. As not to be confused by other spirits.

I'm seeing what appears as punch out light or holes with navy blue, black auras. These light beings are echo-grams. So I'm hearing the little fae lights are being called "shy light and are pink innocent and  of the heart". The echo light, black and blues are echo what they haven't the true wisdom experience. "all talk but don't actually walk the talk". The angel light is the comparison to see what the whole soul activated looks like. The collective soul, or the grid being activated or like a strand of light with all new bulbs. Bright, clean light. This again is to identify your clan, your team, your vibrational match.

Archangel Haniel is here with a square, or box.  He's being funny. Showing the box at an angle that looks like a shark fin on the surface of the ocean. He say sea. (as in see this) It's perspective. Those may see this as a dangerous predator, when in fact it is a box, a gift not in full view. This gift if truth and love, which can be awful to those preferring to live or believe a lie. When accepted is a cleansing and nurturing to complete and heal a broken heart.

I'm seeing symbols now of programs of late. I see a symbol of the show Shadow Hunters, spirit is finding it easier to use symbols that actually represent what they wish to convey. The wheel mentioned earlier, with the spokes. The space in between is shadow hunters. There are two kinds, the people that are on a witch hunt to defer attention away from what they are doing, and the people that are actually there to revel the truth and over come adversarial forces for the good of mankind. We can delineate these people by motive and intent in their speaking. Is it about dominion or love, ego or compassion. This will be important to listen, don't put words in peoples mouths, you want them to reveal their true motives. You will also notice how people only hear what they want, this is revealing also. You needn't try and correct these people, just be aware.

This my friends is all about discernment. I'm hearing the angels say "Rise Up".

You are infinitely loved, KCM




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