Cosmos View 3/24/2017

Submitted by KC on Mon, 05/07/2018 - 07:50


Today with me is Archangel Gabriel, Raziel, Uriel and Michael. They are in an X pattern in the cosmos.  I see now that is more like scissors. Cutting ties and entanglement, old contracts and loose ends. After these ties are cut the transforms into a shape that reminds me of travel stadium seat cushions. They are suggesting to be comfortable for the game is about to begin. Humanity is now rising to the top of the bleachers to get a better view of what's really going on, on planet Earth. 

What looks like 2 possible 3 new DNA (Divine DNA) strands coming into consciousness with the assist of Archangel Sandalphon. These are golden and are not new, but new to our conscious expanded awareness. All Divine essence come in a chord=3. This almost functions like putting a new igniter in a heating fixture or fire place. It's ignition, or quickening, rebirth.

I see what appears like rose gold and copper. It's really the octave representing 5D. You may see it depicted as chakras of the metallic hues. Goddess Sophia representing love, compassion and grace comes with the rose-gold. The copper seems to be being forged into shield by I believe is the Ascended Master Hilarion. Some of these colors seem to be a reassignment, but really they are not, again this is just new to our awareness. The arrangement is not as important as the meaning. Copper in this view is to shield and gain confidence from knowing you are of the Divine grace and seeing and acting in the force of Love. This is what is most important for all of us to do, for ourselves, family and country and species and beyond. Be an instrument of Divine grace.

Om Shanti, KCM