Welcome to Universal Harmony!

Universal Harmony advocates a Oneness philosophy. Through self empowerment, you get in touch with your inner divine.

Go ahead open the door and walk through.

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Renewal of who you really are, so you can shed the veils of disillusion and shine your inner light. Universal Harmony does not promote any particular religious dogma, just love and compassion for all.

World Peace with a little enlightenment showing the path to the Divine, we will ascend exponentially when we remember WE ARE ALL ONE.

Oneness with our true soul, the Divine, each other, with the cosmos.


Let's venture on this journey together with love and compassion as our guide.

We are the change. Let Love be your guide.

It's in Our hands!

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Namaste, KC Matronia

Good Day Columbus News, KC is giving Johnny DiLoretto a Soul Reflection reading at the Gift of Light Expo http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EErhlvW72I               news Kc Matronia


EVENTS 2016 with KC Matronia


RADIO: with KC Matronia as guest 

March 28,2016 Gang of Girls Radio  9/8PM CDT host Auriel Grace 


April 1, 2015 Live Paranormal spotlight host Nikki Paranormal

April 3, 2015 Mark the Rabbit Hole host Mark Metheney

July 14, 2015  Mystical Muse show host Melinda Carver



Holistic & Psychic Expo June 4 & 5, 2016 Ypsilanti, MI


Gift of Light Expo March 12 & 13, 2016 Ohio Expo Center

 Lausche Bldg ~KC Matronia & Matt Muschott


Gift of Light Expo Cuyahoga County Fairgrounds

Paranormal Super Con  Erie, PA

Universal Life Expo   Ohio Expo Center

Divine Heart Expo Mansfield Ohio

Great Conjunction Expo Akron

Camp Chesterfield Psychic Fair, Indiana

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